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Welcome to the tough and terrific world of 2TT’s School & Specialty Pty. Ltd. We are a specialist manufacturer of all school socks – including sport and football socks. We proudly boast when we tell everyone that our socks are Australian Made and that we also tailor our socks to your particular school logo, emblem, crest and stripe combinations. 2TT’s School & Specialty also introduced girl’s and ladies cotton blend and opaque tights in a range of sizes and colors in August 2007. Our tights are manufactured offshore under strict manufacturing and quality standards.

Our focus is to be the leading supplier of socks in Australia and to be recognized as such, through quality yarn, innovative designs, competitive pricing and prompt delivery. We proudly stand behind our quality with a 12 month warranty.


2TT’s School & Specialty Pty. Ltd. manufacture tough and terrific school and sports socks. We proudly boast that our socks are totally made in Australia with an emphasis on quality, with reliable and efficient delivery and exceptional customer service follow up.

2TT’s began almost thirteen years ago, but our experience and knowledge extends back almost forty years. We launched our own simple but fresh logo, developed, expanded and adapted to the ever changing needs of our customers to create a wide range of practical, high quality and great looking “made to order” socks. All schools are different, we understand this, this is why we will gladly offer simple yet customised service when discussing new designs, adding school crests and logos or knitting samples if a completely new range is to be introduced to a school.

2TT’s prides itself on the quality of the socks we offer while keeping up-to-date with each school’s needs. Our socks are made with children in mind so that our socks are hard-wearing and long lasting while being comfortable and fashionable. Our range has been designed and improved to take into account Australian schools’ requirements with a strong emphasis on comfort and quality.

2TT Sock Machine

Our staff are completely service focused which means that every move we make is with the customer in mind. We aim to be the leading supplier of school socks in Australia, through quality products, innovative designs, reliable and efficient delivery and most particularly caring for our clients individual needs, by ensuring exceptional customer service and follow up.


All school socks are made to be hard-wearing and long lasting while being comfortable and fashionable

Quality made sport socks hard wearing and longer lasting while providing maximum comfort.


Q: Are 2TT’s socks Australian Made?
A: Yes, our socks are all made in Australia on our own knitting machines.

Q: Do I have to order minimum quantities?
A: Yes, there are minimums for each style, please refer to our online catalogue or our sales department for these quantities.

Q: What are your turn around times between ordering and dispatching of my goods?
A: As a general rule, if we have sufficient stocks of our plain socks (black, blue, grey & white) and our made to order socks, these can be sent out that afternoon or the next day depending on placement of the order.
However, the process can be longer if we need to totally customize and make a sock from “scratch” or from a sample provided to us (in this situation it is recommended you speak with the Sales Manager for indicative times). If we need to knit an existing made to order sock, delivery will be in around 3 weeks.

Q: Do our socks have a guarantee?
A: Yes, the faulty socks must be returned to 2TT’s with a proof of purchase (receipt).
The returned socks will be tested and inspected by our Quality Control person. If the QC report confirms our washing instructions have been correctly followed, but a manufacturing fault is evident, we will be more than happy to replace the goods.

Q: Do we supply directly to schools?
A: Yes (if that school runs their own uniform shop). Otherwise, we supply various retail stores in most capital cities directly.

Q: What socks sizes are available?
A: Available according to shoes and Age sizes as below

Age5-88-1010+AdultKing size 

Q: Do you make to order?
A: Yes, made to order will vary from time to time. 10% under or over may be delivered, This is the nature of the made to order business.

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: Minimum order value is $300. Smaller orders will attract a surcharge. Surcharge and minimum orders may apply.

Q: Do you provide order credits?
A: All credits must be referred to Head Office for approval.


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